Tuesday, November 25, 2014

MOVIE REVIEW: Snowpiercer

Now, this is one of those movies that reminds me of Titanic, Nigerian politics, and maybe...livelihood generally. a must see already showing at the cinemas.

Saw this movie some days back and wont lie to you, actually saw it twice. one tiny tear dropped at the point it was revealed that those at the tail were eating their own SH*T literally. more like survival of the fittest.

Makes me think of 'Oh, how do those in power really manage it. They are no super humans, they are like you and me. For me, I love the movie.  Watch and thank me later... if you have the time, Tell me what you think of the movie. Maybe I am wrong.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

MOVIE TRAILER: Pitch Perfect 2

Yaaaaaaaaay!!! Finally Official. 

Donno why i got so much goose bumps watching this trailer. Maybe 'cause it's a sequel to the 2012 film… And i guess the fact that my favorite acapella group (Pentatonix) is there. Watch Trailer :

TV SHOW: How To Get Away With Murder

Well, the Title alone could get you thinking like… WTF? 

For me, sincerely, I never wanted to even see the pilot episode. All i had in my head was… This people have started again o. After checking that the lead cast was Viola Davis, I told myself, babes, try this. Trust me, it really was worth my time. 

Still on the pilot Episode, the edit was superb. ermmm, am i permitted to say the edit was delicious? OH MY!!! everything in me longed to see episode 2. A well told story that would make u stick to your screen. Lemme not say much. please, just see this. Oh yes, I thought Vampire diaries was my best. Sorry love… Found a new addiction.

On episode 9 this week. Watch the Trailer