Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bright Future

greatest fear is not that we can't accept some of the things we face.
Our greatest fear is not that we can't prove wrong all the false prophesies even when they hit us in the face.
Our greatest fear is not the inability to jump out of some broken surfaces,
Neither is the inconclusive arguments we encounter with life.

We can't even look back to erase those ugly moments that made us sour,
we laugh and play, even those close can't exempt us from imperfections.
we can't exit the game or start afresh, even when this options are just a click away.
we see "Game Over" and just give in to it being over.

the harder we look, the clearer this picture.
that same picture that explains the future.
the exact same picture we see in mirrors.
the one that hits us in the face like a tumor
the picture of the same man in the mirror…YOURSELF

the moment you start seeing yourself above that limit,
the moment you exceed your capabilities, and make a change in a minute,
seeing the good in every bad,
and admit you have a past that's called a PAST,
and not let this PAST determine the big picture,
Then, you are a Great achiever.
and your future is bright.

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