Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Your choice

life won't always give you all you desire
That's what every body tells
Can you tell all your heart desire?
Thoughts of it puts you in total despair.

One thing I have learnt all through the years
How vast my choices are even when my heart bleeds
I think of it all and see water turns tears
All becauuse I fail to admit I'm in control

Life can only not give all you desire
When even at a glance,you refuse to focus
You see every little challenge  as a burden
You refuse to hold them by the tail.

Can you for once,try ignore the present?
Can you pay less attention to where you are now?
Can you keep your head straight and focus on what's ahead?
Sure it'll be glaring what you want.

One thing I want you to believe is this...
Even at the point of death,life won't still give you what you desire
You have to focus on what you want
Trust me,soon,it'll be clear

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